New Cryptos added to Revolut

Great stuff

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How can i get this new crypto? I’m using IOS. Thank you

You just need to go on your main account. Choose conversion, and then you need to decide which token do you want to buy :slight_smile:

Doesn’t work for IOS, no new cryptocurrency is added.

I am on iOS. 21 crypto currencies listed for me.

Please explain how you see them, should they be added manually? App update needed?

My assumption would be that running the latest app version is always useful when features seem to be missing. No extra step needed, they’re just all listed under Crypto.

please can revolut bring the ability to earn yield on crypto within the app. I’m a hodlr and my crypto is just sitting trapped in the app. Alternatively can you consider a wallet in the app

a loyal revolut customer

This is a Good news.

Same here I cannot see new cryptocurrency in the app. Is this been resolved by someone? Some people have them some not. I am on latest version of iOS 14.5 and latest app version but new ones are not visible

Availability of crypto currencies can vary by country.

Best to make sure your app is also fully up to date and try uninstall and reinstall app.

If that does not work, try reach out via their live chat and I’m sure they’d be able to advise you further.

I can see all crypto except DOGE Coin, however I did find a round about way to get to it and purchase it.

Turned out to be an outdated app. AppStore didn’t notify you to update so the only option was to uninstall and install again after this I can see all cryptocurrencies offered by Revolut

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Revolut added 8 new Crypto Currencies.

You need to ensure your app is up to date.

They also support DOGE but seems to be hidden. I got lucky and managed to find it and buy some.

More coins added.

Can you remember how you found it?

Crypto → Invest → scroll all the way down, then → Discover all crypto.

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Do you mean DOGE?

If so, I only found it because of the news section, it had the DOGE price to the article and I clicked on it.

As an example as to how I found it, it has since been removed and will not appear.

Yeah its not showing up. Does Doge still show in your portfolio?

Doge has never shown in mine, I just double checked now and no, there is no Doge

Yeah it shows in my portfolio and I can buy and sell on Revolut.

As I mentioned, it is hidden, they added it but don’t seem to want people to see it or trading it.

I managed to get it via a round about way and that way is no longer available.

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