New conditions as of 23 April

Hey guys, what are your thoughts and feelings about the recently announced changes to Revolut services, like limiting free non-EUR transfers and basically making it less attractive for user with a more international usage profile.

Are there also changes to with regards to changing currency in Premium and Metal models?


Started great 6 years ago, going down the drain with every new T&Cs. Literally none of the original Revolut features are still in place. Trying to disrupt banking? Clearly Revolut will be just another bank within 2 T&C changes.
If you guys are not serious about disruption, why do it in the first place?
I used to be Revolut ambassador, but now its just a waste of time. Attract customers for what? Good luck guys!


Looks like conditions are slightly different depending on in which country you are registered, when you opened your account and whether you received an email announcing the changes or not.

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Nor received any e-mails about changes yet, but what I see in their fees page there will now be additional 5 times/month limit for not fees atm withdrawals. Go beyond that and there will be 2% fee (1euro minimum).

a strange position among the critics of the new provisions. but first you need to weigh everything, than be guided by emotions! starting a business involves making a profit, those who do not agree to put yourself in the shoes of the head of this business! salaries need to be paid both to developers and to all other employees, right?

Well, I do understand company needs to make a profit and pay its expenses and all that. But that is not my problem. As a consumer I was lured in by promises of free ATM withdrawals, no currency exchange fees and free international money transfers. I did not tell Revolut to offer this to clients, they did it themselves. I accepted the offer and now that I am “IN”, they keep changing fees, adding condition and all that. So now, the three main reasons I joined for are gone or at least largely gone.
I would have much more respect for the company to either keep the original promises to clients that joined 6 years ago when promises were made,…or to not make such promises and then underdeliver. If they said in the beginning that withdrawals for 200 EUR are fee, and SEPA payments only will be fee,…I would have joined and lived under those promises, but I just hate the changes all the time.
When I joined Revolut I was able to take 1000 USD out of ATM in USA and pay my friend in Hong Kong. Last year I was only able to pay my friend in Hong Kong but ATM withdrawals were limited, and this year all I can do is pay my electricity bill for free in EU, the rest of it is gone. So its not fair and it’s not clear, as I cannot follow new T&C every time I leave the house to know how much I will be charged for each service.
This is what is most frustrating.

To conclude, what attracted me to Revolut their promise to disrupt banking that despite having money stored there, they charge you for every little thing. And I supported the movement of disrupting banking. But now…I don’t know how exactly does Revolut plan to disrupt anything…what are they going to say…you local bank charges you 6 EUR for transfer, and because we don’t have employees and branches and the rest of the infrastructure, we are only charging you 5 EUR. Great…but 1 EUR difference is not disrupting banking.
I guess what bothers me the most is that this disruption movement is dead.


See, here’s where I see things differently. I don’t think of service offerings as promises. Obviously I don’t like it when terms change for the worse. But I also don’t feel betrayed. I wasn’t promised anything. Someone is offering a service for a price at a given time, and now they don’t offer the same service for the same price anymore.

I am also old enough that I’ve seen how challenger banks introduced free current accounts in the 1990s, then current accounts in general became more affordable over the next 20 years, and currently we‘re seeing an industry wide price hike for this kind of service again.

But — it’s easier than ever before to switch bank accounts.

I still have my revolut as my Trip, travel, account
And my vault
And with curve to convert to the local currency, ATM
Since travel is not possible my vaulu for my asia trip is 46% full :slightly_smiling_face:
Nothing has change for me

So the limit for free bank withdrawals is now five…but over what period of time? Please could someone let me know?

That is a monthly limit. You have an individual day on which your respective counter os set to zero every month.