New Chip and Signature card and Visa as well


Hi Revolut team,
I’d like to see in the following months chip & signature card. I never trust chip & pin transactions and would be great to see just chip & signature card as well with visa card for better acceptance!


That will not be possible in Europe my friend. It’s called technology evolution. Chip&PIN technology is an established European standard and certainly won’t be abolished, in fact chip&PIN is a European legal requirement for debit/prepaid cards.

That should not be a problem in countries outside of Europe, as you should be able to use your Revolut card as a chip&signature or magstripe&signature one in those places.


Will not be possible like Expatier said.

About the Visa, I don t think they will add it as they are working with Mastercard. And to be honest adding a Visa is not worth as Mastercard support a lot(some countries not).

I think that add American Express could be interesting(think Wirecard issue them), because it is a more safe card and could be a good product to offer with Revolut Premium.

Maybe someone from Revolut could give the answer if Visa will (ever) be a new card product or American Express.