New Category in Revolut Community - Account Matters

Hello there :r:evolut Admins, Moderators

I’ve been reading the Revolut Community forums for the past two weeks, and noticed that there are many similar topics that are created all over the community forums, that are accounts related.

Topics like “Unable to log in”, “Locked Account”, “Account Blocked” and many other similar topics can be shifted over the new “Account Matters” category.

I understand that this is a discussion based community forums and not the “Official Revolut Support” place, but I noticed admins here like @AndreasK that are able to assist the people here.

The intention of my idea, is to tidy up this Community forum.

Also another side suggestion, individuals with account related issues will be able to post and create their own topic, so the Admins will be able to rectify any issues individually, rather than having new community users hitching on to an existing topic, which can be messy and confusing at times. Thereafter, once the issue has been resolved, Admins can choose to lock the topic.


Great idea ! I support.

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