New Cards?

Has anyone noticed that @Revolut has new cards on order?
I WHALE, Wen LAMBO? / WEN MOON, what are these for?

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Blue one without _WHALE title would be perfect. I dont see any beauty in these designs, sorry.

Oh, i didn’t get the notification :sweat_smile:

Yeah, they’re not even metallic :sweat_smile:

Seems like they jumped on the hype train from WSB and Crypto (mostly duo Elon Musk) where those words are used.

Moon means a stock / crypto who jumps rapidly in price (like the GME Stock who jumped from a few dollar to 400 or BTC who got now up to 60k )

Whales are the one with a big wallet who keep pushing the prices up as they “buy” more and more from the stocks/crypto.

And Wen LAMBO means mostly as joke “When can I buy a lambo?” so when he’s gonna earn a lot of money as early investor in stocks/ Crypto.