New Cards are coming :D

Check this out, I’ve seen it on RevolutInsider Instagram story, it looks awesome, what do you think? :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :grinning:

This looks like a normal Metal black card with some greenish tint to me.


The normal metal black card has already some green tint


It does. I was wondering if they changed the paint/method with the introducion of the black metal Visa. It seems odd to have the black card stand out when all other colours use a different coating. The black coating was also more delicate than the new colors.

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The black metal card wears out, trust me. I own one and it looks terrible after one year of carring it in my card wallet.


That’s why I am asking. I was wondering if they changed the black cards when they were ordering new cards with the Visa brand.

I would like to know how I can do … Because I have cash, and I would like to know how you can put your card on my card that I just received today. When I go to the bank, the terminal does not offer me a deposit … Help me … I don’t understand …
thank you

It’s interesting now the metal cards are also available in with Visa and MasterCard, depending on which colour you prefer. I think it’s a fair approach now from Revolut. As a result everyone is able to chose a card type of their preference.

…until they are out of stock of Mastercards. Then it will be Visa.

I mean all plastic cards are now Visa in the UK. Two years ago it was all MasterCard.

They’ve got deals with Mastercard and Visa about which percentage every brand should get in given markets. It seems like their initial idea to let the user chose is somewhat influenced by this. Customers are usually not aware that a considerable amount of revenue comes from marketing money credit card companies pay to issuers for boosting the market share.

I don’t mind that. I just replaced the virtual MC with a new Visa. It’s now recognized as debit (vs. prepaid), and when added to the Apple Pay Wallet, the baby blue virtual design is used.

What do you mean? You want to deposit cash on your Revolut card?

It’s not possible, you have to deposit cash on your regular bank account and then top-up your Revolut account from this bank via card or Apple/Google Pay.

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Anyone realised that Visa cards have disappeared from the metal cards?
Again, I only see MasterCard as option. Any idea what happened? :thinking:
I was about to order a new metal Visa card…

I still can order a Visa metal card in Gold, Rose Gold and Black. Does the 2nd metal card cost extra? I also plan to order a Visa Debit Card.

2 metal cards per subscription period (year) are included.

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Interesting enough I found out that the basic purplish plastic card is still Visa. Any other colour variation is MasterCard…

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It differs from country to country.

I understand that card types vary depending on the countries.

My issue is that some months ago it was possible only to order MasterCards. Then recently it has changed to Visa. But as of yesterday it again offers only MasterCards. Except for the basic purplish card and all virtual cards, those are all Visa.

What’s the consistency in it?

Revolut has agreements with Mastercard and Visa about a certain market share in certain markets. This might be the way to control this.

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