New card won't work and now I've deleted it in error. Help

I received my new revolut card today. I tried to activate it with a chip and pin transaction but numerous attempts all failed. I tried to freeze then unfreeze the card but that kept giving an error. Finally I thought removing the card and readding it would work, but it is now telling me the card has been cancelled and to reorder a new one. Can you help me add my current card and help me get it working? This is extremely frustrating

You can link existing card with revolut again:

Then unfreeze it and do something on ATM (I.e. change PIN, or withdraw some money). After it your card will be active.

Unfortunately I’ve tried that and it won’t allow the card to be added. This is the error I get

Contact :R:'s customer support.

They should be able to help you on this front.

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Hiya! We have responded and resolved your query. If you need anything else, please let us know.

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Joanna on the chat sorted me out last night, everything working perfectly now. Thanks for all the help.