New card verification


I was replacing my UK debit card for top up.
underneath the card image is now showing the following message:
“Do not forget to verify this card”

and when i click there, asks for a Pin and turns the camera on.

can someone explain whats this procedure?


Hi @FernandoMiguel,

We ask our users to verify their cards.
To do that simply go on your bank statement and find a top up to Revolut. On this top up should be a number that looks like: ​1234​. Then please go back onto the app and go to the ‘top up section’. You should be given an option to verify your card by entering this code.


On both of the cards I used, the number on the statement became like **34.
And it’s been long and tough to get one motivated bank to get me the full number and the other one is online, communication is strenuous and I gave up.
Could you figure out what to tell the bank to easilyu retrieve the full number when that happens please ?



It usually really easy to get the code from your bank. They should be able to give you the code with just a call.


And yet…
It really wasn’t…