New card PIN did not work abroad


I registered for a Revolut card in February prior to travelling to Mexico via the USA.

I was able to use the card online to pay for my ESTA for the US prior to travelling.

I was able to use the card in the transit airport in the US, but that was a mag stripe transaction.

Once in Mexico, every shop card machine or bank ATM either reported the PIN as invalid, or as transaction blocked by issuer, even though the card was unblocked in the app and the PIN correct.

On the return transit through the US, all attempted (PIN-authorised) transactions were similarly rejected at shops and ATMs.

However the first ATM I tried on my return to Heathrow, happily dispensed cash.

Any ideas why this should have been? Does the PIN have to be ‘validated’ by a UK ATM before using abroad?

Fortunately I had a regular credit card as back-up, but this obviously cost me significantly in transaction fees. I am about to travel to France and would like some reassurance that the Revolut card and PIN will work there…


I know that in order to make the new PIN works at shops or others PIN & Chip machines you HAVE TO use it at the ATM first (check account or withdraw money). So with that the new PIN is delivered to the card from Revolut to the ATM (and so your RevolutCard). If you don’t do that you card is still written with the old PIN and will not work.

I guess you had to do that in an UK’s ATM in order to make it work abroad. :wink:


If you change your PIN, you will need to sign out and sign back in the Revolut app. In addition, as rightly pointed out by Julien, seek to activate the card at any UK ATM (by undertaking an action that requires you to key in your PIN - either checking the current balance, withdrawing some cash, e.g. 10 quid etc.).

Did you actually use the Mastercard authorised ATMs/terminals in Mexico ? It may also be a reason why the transactions got rejected. For example, in NL you will struggle to find the Mastercard authorised ATMs/terminals and therefore Revolut is pretty much useless there.

P.S. Obviously, having only one card on an overseas travel is asking for trouble. Always make sure you have back up cards for emergencies as you rightly did the last time.


Signing out and in of Revolut app after a PIN change was useless in my case, it worked all times perfectly without doing that :wink: