New Card? Maybe not?

I’m a complete newbie and only signed up today. I loaded a small amount of money on the app and applied for a card.

After ordering the card, my balance didn’t reduce, so I thought maybe there was a problem. Is this normal? Does the money come off later? Is there any way I can check if the card has been ordered or not? I tried the online help chat but the wait was 4 hours so I gave up.

Is this generally a good service?


Hello :slight_smile:

The service works, in my humble, individual opinion, pretty decently. The major downsides are some card downtimes, rare, but still more frequent that they should, and the sluggish support if you’re not a premium user. :r: still looks quite unaccessible to its users to me, although they’ve recently promised to improve this :frowning:

However, the app works really fine, the exchange rate is normally superb and the fees are mostly transparent :ok_hand:

On the “Card” section of the :r: app you should be able to see the three steps of the delivery :envelope_with_arrow:

If it’s not showing up there, chances are something failed, as the money is usually taken the same moment you order. However, you can wait 4 hours and get a full confirmation on this :clock4: :slight_smile:

Hi and thanks for the reply. I haven’t got any icons to show the card’s journey and no money has left the account.
When I went to re-order it showed this as being an ‘extra’ card, so the app recognises that I have ordered a first card.
Should I just wait a day or two and see what happens? My first order suggested I would have the card by the 9th September.


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Hello again blackrat :slight_smile:

I agree it might be a wise idea to wait for a day or two :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Also, you can leave a message through the in-app support chat and check for the answer when it arrives

Ah, good idea about the chat thing, thanks :grinning:


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You’re more than welcome, Blackrat :smile:
Hope you have a nice experience with :r::slight_smile: