New Card hasn't Embossed Digits! Bug?

Dear all,

to be well prepared for my upcoming next US trip, in case I will lose my main “first” Revolut card, I decided to order as premium costumer a free “second” Revolut Mastercard. Surprisingly the new card (from 04/2018) has no embossed digits, which can be still in some cases very helpful. Additionally the new card has a very low quality print of the digits on the backside, which can be easily scratched off.
In sum the old and first card from 11/2017 is of way much better quality.
Any similar experiences?

Hey GunR

Both of my premium cards are the same. I use my card daily and have it in my wallet with me. I am yet to see a digit be scratched off.

But I do hope the next design of premium cards will be embossed :slight_smile:

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You are right - premium cards have no embossed digits.
A possible solution for now: cancel the Premium card (cause you cannot have more than 2 physical cards now), and order the Standard card - they still have embossed digits on the front.
And you can have it delivered to the US.

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Hi Karol
Thanks for that workaround and the great quality feedback!

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As I have been seeing right now in my cards menu, I can order in the standard design with embossed letters a

  • VISA
  • Mastercard

Seems to be new. Only for German Premium Members???

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No, that’s for all customers.

(I am not sure if availability of Maestro is limited to some markets like Netherlands, Germany … but it is definitely not a premium feature.)

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In Portugal still only Visa… Guess my maestro from my legacy bank will still find use next time I’m in Germany…

In my experience, there’s no real benefit of Maestro in Germany anymore.

I believe it’s mainly a myth that acceptance of Maestro is better. And that’s why: Maestro and V-Pay cards form German banks are usually co-badged with the national Girocard payment system. And it is true that a number of merchants only accepts Girocard or a system called ELV, kind of a direct debit system that reads account details from a Girocard and generates a one time SEPA direct debit authorization. But Maestro cards that do not have the Girocard application are also useless in these cases.

This might be different in different regions, but where I live, Maestro has no advantage over Visa / Mastercard Debit cards anymore. I can’t think of one single shop here. :thinking:

Last time I was in Germany, two years ago, I found it funny that I could use my maestro card from a Portuguese bank, but could not use my card from Deutsche Bank as they only issue Visa in Portugal, so that’s what I had.

Here in Portugal there is literally no difference as any place that accepts cards has to accept every kind of card, visa, mastercard, maestro, and even unionpay and jcb.

Only exception is American express which merchants can and usually opt out and a few government entities and former government entities such as the postal services that only accept the national network multibanco.

It makes sense that throughout Europe merchants that only accepted maestro start accepting other cards as mastercard wants to wind down the maestro network and slowly convert everyone to Mastercard. The issue they’re having is that a lot of banks are going from maestro to visa and not mastercard.

Here in Portugal every single bank that changed from maestro went to visa and not mastercard