New Card and support team never responses


I received my card from the post yesterday, on my apps it still says ‘’ expected 17 Oct’'
I topped up some money into my card, it says it is ready for electronic use but I want to know whether I can use my card in stores??
it does not say anywhere that I must activate the card or how to activate?
do i need to activate it?
is it ready to use in stores?
I sent messages to support team via apps but they never responded


You should be able to use it right away. No special activation needed.


Mine has been always like that, I already have the card for months and it stills says something like “expected 3 May” :joy:

Like the user above said, you should be able to use it right away :slight_smile:


Hello @londontay,

Thank you for contacting us.

No, it doesn’t affect your card, your card is already active. Just log out and log back in the app and it should change the card status on the app.


Andreas K.