New card and fee when withdrawing


I’ve been a happy Revolut user for over 4 years.
Last month I made my father register one.
He received his card recently and with his first ATM withdraw he got a bad surprise : a 5€ fee.
I use the same ATM and don’t have any fee.
He said it happens will all bank ATM.

What’s the issue?

You might want to check if you’re both using the same card brand. Mastercard vs. Visa. And if you’re both registered with Revolut in the same country.

It could be the case that you were just lucky in the past, that the 5 EUR fee is what ATM operators usually charge, and that your card is from a batch of card numbers that the ATM operators don’t recognize in the same way. Or the other way around.


My card is Mastercard and his is VISA. Can’t he ask for a Mastercard one then?

It’s available what’s available. The card section in the app shows exactly what card type one can order, depending on the design, for both physical and virtual cards. That’s it.

When you’ve ordered your card long ago, it’s also not sure if it would solve the problem. Could be that your card is from a series where Revolut worked with different third parties. It might not be as straightforward as it seems. Switching card brands might be worth a try, but there’s no guarantee that it does avoid ATM fees. I would consider this when deciding if the switch is worth potential fees for shopping et cetera.

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Hello 5€ fee from Revolut on French ATM fee ? (CREDIT AGRICOLE…)