New Business Bank Opened finally and premium banking update provided


Thank God!!!

Someone got back to me regarding my freelancing account a gem by the name of Tricia from the New Business Bank Team.

Tricia if your reading this you are a STAR !!!

I have been having many issues with regards to my premium and my business account opening in which it stated that my account was temporality disabled which was strange because I had just opened it and no I don’t mean as soon as you log in I mean after it was verified.

So I poured out my heart and soul to Tricia explaining that I am having issues with regards to my premium banking and that I have not heard a response for over 24+ hours with regards to the TT I received 24 hours ago that has come in and yet it is pending so she marked me urgent and it was like a bell had gone off in heaven a message appeared on my phone confirming that someone is looking in to the TT, well its about time! business bank account is open cards have been ordered.

now im waiting to hear from compliance regarding the incoming payment and am very happy with Tricia who assisted this overdue issue

Thanks again,


Happy customers out there?