New Bank sort code ??for money transfers

Hello I was sent a message on email about a new bank transfer code that was suposed to be updated in January They said I’d get a reminder. But I didn’t get a reminder .
And just topped up my account today no problems without it. So do I need to actually change details with bank??

Did it change in your account detail screen? If yes, you should use it.

Are you using GBP within the UK at all? I’ve been sent this mail as well but I don’t even have a GBP account within the Revolut app set up. Meaning, the distribution list was very wide and not focused to the users of GBP and it’s account detail users.

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Thanks for replying.

I’m not sure if there was any change? I use my Bank to transfer money to Revolut account. It still does that OK so I dunno if I need to change the code ??

If the details have changed in the app, use the changed details

The old ones will eventually stop working