New application for a Revolut

I’ve juste signed up for a Revolut card, selected a standard card on the app., but it keeps forcing me to the premium option. I don’t want to spend a £6.99 monthly fee, it makes their statement of no fees a farce. I can get a foreign currency card without a monthly fee, and think that is preferable to an organisation not being truthful.

That is weird. If you successfully ordered a standard card, you should be fine. What do you mean by “forcing” you to the premium option? It only comes up at my app when I try to select an option that is not part of the standard plan. Like a “premium design” for a card.

User might be conflating paid delivery with a ‘Premium account’.

When I selected standard card, another window opened telling me to choose premium. I tried to order 6 times but each time it sent to premium, telling me to select that for £6.99 a month. I don’t want to pay £6.99 per month, and trying to use that stupid bott thing was absolutely no help.

No I’d already selected free delivery…

Ah, free delivery is only available for premium customers. There is a one time delivery fee for the physical card for customers on the standard plan. Check FAQs for a complete overview of additional costs that might apply.

Really; well that’s not clearly explained in the app. It just shows the 3 postage options, with the free option stating arrival would be 27 July. It’s not even possible now to order a physical card, you have to request a new card for £5.00.

So you set up a virtual card now?

Yes I have done that.

I see. Revolut allows you to set up a 2nd card, virtual or physical. But that comes with the fee for the spare card.

You probably could delete the virtual card and might be able to order a “free” (delivery costs only) physical card then, but I am not sure that works.

You could search this forum, maybe you get a definite answer this way. It has been discussed here before and I vaguely remember that someone from Revolut offered a solution.

Hello Frank, sorry delay in responding to you. A guy from Revolut contacted me via the app yesterday, and sorted the problem out which actually wasn’t a problem…had I read the instructions correctly, you can call me a dumb assed idiot if you like, because that’s what it boils down to. Thank you anyway for your assistance in trying to help me.

Well, I am glad it is sorted now :slight_smile:

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