New account won't link card


Hi, I have downloaded the app onto my new phone. Registered my details but I can’t link my existing card. Everything is the same except my phone number is changed. I verified my ID and now I’m locked out of my account. Can you please help to resolve this ASAP as my salary is paid to this account and I have no other access to funds at the moment.
Laura Ann


You created a second account. (The proper procedure would have been to log in with the old number or tap on change phone number from the welcome screen.)

You need to contact support, they can change the number for you.


Thanks Frank. It was a 50/50 chance as I thought I had updated my address and telephone contact at the same time…

I thought if I posted here I would get a faster response than the customer support as I have been over an hour waiting.

What’s worse, is that an agent replied quickly to pass on the query to someone else…

My impression is that this is purely to make response times appear better than they are without actual resolution of a query…


Hi @llamber. An agent has contacted you via chat to help unlock your account, please respond at your earliest convenience.