New account with Visa?



Just opened my Revolut account yesterday and after ordering a card I noticed that a new Visa card appeared in my card details.

My question: Is this a virtual card or the fysical one I receive later in my mailbox at home?

Also I thought it would be a Mastercard is this changed? ( not a problem but just curious…)


For the card, does it have a security options button with physical stuff such as disabling ATM withdrawals? If so it’s a physical


Thanks for your response!

I can only remove or rename the card!
Does this mean it’s a virtual card?


:r: have started self issuing VISA cards but I thought it was only to volunteers to trial. I now have both a VISA card and a MasterCard on the same account. Both seem to work equally well.


Hey there!

We have VISA physical card trials going on at the moment.


Hi @jessicaszabla what is actually the difference between visa and MC I mean for Revolut? Is this on a different processor or something…


:r: issue the VISA cards themselves without using an intermediary.


Let’s move this discussion here: Email about Revolut Visa