new account and problem

My phone is a dual sim … is there any problem to confirm a new account?
I’ve got the message “We are sorry…” as you see in the attachment.

It’s an Android 7.0 (Vernee Mars Pro)

Dual SIM has nothing to do with revolut (I use DS too).
What app’s revision are you on?
Are you using EEA phone number?

Revolut 4.18.0
Doesn’t go in my configuration with 2 italian numbers.
The app recognize correctly the italian prefix but after the request of the passcode stop with the message before “We are sorry …”. The error is immediate.
I gave to the app ALL the authorizations as you can see (very strange for me … from the first load of the app it doesnt request any authorization on my android 7.0 neither SMS reading ).
Can I try another version of the app?

I am on Android 7.0 and Revolut 4.18 on my Dual SIM too.
Everything works like a charm…
My standard advise in such situation is: delete cache and app’s data, uninstall it, then reboot the phone an install it ones again…

delete cache and app’s data DONE before :frowning:now I will try to uninstall and I will see …

Nothing. Doesn’t work :frowning:
There is an old version of the app or what can I do?
Change the phone is not a possibility :frowning:

I think there is some workaround.
Are you able to install some Android emulator (e.g. Bluestacks), then install RevolutApp on it?

ok . I will try !!! Or I will try with my wife’s phone. If you think that is only the register of my new account…

Yes, you could definitely try to register on a different phone. Just make sure that you’re registering with yoru own phone number. But that goes without saying …

RESOLVED : Done the registration with my tablet dual SIM and everithing works like a charm. Now I can use the revolut account on my Vernee Mars Pro.
So I can tell you… no way to do the registration on my dual sim Android 7.0 … perfect on al old tablet Android 4.4 dual sim.

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