Never use Revolut card in Amazon

Tried to pay in with my Revolut card and now Amazon account is locked, no way to unlock it as they ask statement with card number and address and Revolut does not provide that. Statements only show address and that is not good enough for Amazon. Amazon and Revolut do not work together. So be aware!


Card number on the statement? Very strange, I don’t even have this on my regular high street bank, it only shows account number + address (just like revolut does).

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I am using Revolut on with no problems.


I use my Revolut card(s) with both and and never had any issues. I suggest you try calling amazon customer services.

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There is mail from Amazon:

We have not received your statement. You will not be able to place orders until we are able to verify a recent statement for your Master Card ending in 63. To upload your statement to our secure document portal, log in to your account and follow the instructions.

The following information must be clearly displayed on the statement:
– Your name and billing address.
– The last 4 digits of the card number. For your protection, make sure that only the last 4 digits are displayed."

Every time I send Revolut statement, I get same response. Dead end. Only thing left is to knock on Jeff Bezos’s door maybe? Ask him what the f… is going on?

It is possible to get statements with first and last four digits of the card number in my bank account. It would be a good thing if we could get same from revolut app.

Well, until that happens, my Amazon account stays locked. No possible way to unlock it.

I’m in the same situation since January…

I’m hopeless…

If I try to open a new account… they lock!!

I do have card statement for all bank cards

And in any account statement for any card payment is appearing which card Visa *1234

How did you manage to get those statements? If I request a statement it is for one of the Revolut accounts (eg. EURO) and yes, it shows all the traffic in that account but nothing related to which card was used…

For Margus74, I suggest trying to send them that statement and explain them if you do not find other way. They should be able to see the payment that you made to Amazon. Also, if you click on that list where it shows you the payments in App, the last card numbers are shown.

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Same here. has blocked my account, requested a billing including last 4 digits of my card. I have talked with Revolut support and got ‘Account and Credit Card Confirmation’ file, send it to them with a billing of my euro account, and screenshot with blurred CVV and a part of my card number’s.

Still not luck, after a few minutes they have replied ‘non abbiamo ricevuto il suo estratto conto’ which via Google Translate is: “we did not receive your bank statement”

I have no idea what I can do. There is no way to talk to the on Amazon, just to send them files.

Why is Revolut declining payments to Amazon(.de)? Or was the payment declined by A?

Hmm, support told me that they were facing some minor technical issues.

I agree with @quentinb
I have more than a dozen bank accounts, and none of them have debit card number on their statements.

It is only incase of CREDIT CARDS that last four digits are provided in the card statement. But, that is never the case with debit cards.