Never refund car rental deposit (since 06/2017)


So now it’s enough. 2 situations to put you crazy wit this “bank”

  • In June 2017, I booked a car with AVIS Mexico for a month. I paid the rent with my Revolut card to avoid currency fees.
    But after the end of the rent, which was about 1 month, I never received the deposit of almost 400usd (388.13usd exactly).

So first, after 2 weeks waiting in July, Revolut asked me to contact again the merchant and transmit informations about deposit refund. What I did. Since the first time, Avis have been transparent and sent me all the references numbers proving that the money have been reverted.
I did the things right so I sent the direct copy of the e-mail of Avis proving that the money have been TAKEN/REVERTED to Revolut. Revolut still saying that they could’nt investigate further while the proofs were there. Again, even AVIS FRANCE certified that the money have been sent back to my card, but by Revolut insinuations, probably that the money is lost between Mexico and UK, in Atlantic Ocean or some nothingness ?

Worse, a month later, Revolut said me that absolutely no money has been taken from my debit card for deposit picking-up the car (obviously, Avis run the risk to let me drive without deposit !). Then the support concluded saying me that they “weren’t responsible of my misunderstandings”, wishing me a nice day. ALL PROOFS ARE AVAILABLE.

So this company are just CROOK and with an INCOMPETENT SUPPORT. I personnally work in business administration and I didn’t think it was possible to be treated this way as a customer !

  • But something else happened. Since the “non-refund event”, I’ve been in overdraft about -145€ as a protesting signal. I topped my account in USD, and then, an AUTOMATIC change happened with a transition of the app behind my eyes, and automatically my EUR. I first said “ok that’s could be considered pretty fair”, and asked to support how this kind of thing could happend without my voluntee.
    Support answer : “Revolut does not proceed to automatic change. You just did it.”. That happened before my eyes, and they kept saying me that it was impossible.
    You only have chat support so it’s easy for employees to be hidden beyond a comfortable and non trouble support chat. They can just be “terribly sorry” on support.

Well, that bank is absolutely AWFUL, DISHONEST and that’s en euphemism.

Thank you for having make me lose my time and patience.

But others customers have to KNOW IT. Don’t rent a car with Revolut card. At a moment, I was thinking to invest in cryptocurrency with them and NEVER. Don’t definitely trust them.

I’m on my way to contact some medias and I’m actually reporting the abuse with Ombudsman Financial service.


Hi there. Please check your USD wallet the refund was assigned in your account on the 17.10.17.

Thank you.

Andreas K.


Interesting that you even managed to get Avis to let you have a car using :r: . I have an Avis account and they will not let me book a car using :r: as they cannot block off an excess amount from the card.


In my experience, it really depends on the person behind the counter. If they are willing to try to block the security deposit and if you have sufficient funds, it works.


I’ll try harder next time @Frank, guy just looked at my card and said Revolut cards don’t work on their system.


I’ve seen rental stations in the US that didn’t have online terminals. :wink: It’s hard to believe, but that office was in a container at LAX. Surprisingly, they had electric power for computers there and a fax machine.