Never have a experience such service in me life

This is from my mothers account:
“Been absolutley and utterly treated like a small small human.
I lost access to my number which elapsed and I could not access my Revolut account,
which asked for my email address which also I lost access too. I know perfect storm.
I managed to speak to the chat team in the end, and they updated my number.
I gained access to my account, which I changed the email address and ordered a new card.
This has triggered a check with me adding a picture and trying to login.
Once in the complience q, which started on the 10/07/2020 at 7.00AM, by Monday 13/07/2020 at 21.00,
an agent came on the chat asked a question and left, today 16/07/2020 came on the chat asked another
question and left again. I tried to speak to the team on twitter, on the anonymus chat which triggered
the so called compliance agent to ask me how did I login today 16/07/2020. well if the job was done
right i would not be in a position to be desperate and try to login.
I don’t want this to be sorted any more, revert he money back from my account to the sender and close
the account, I don’t want to use Revolut. I am sick and tiered of chasing and waiting.
This would never never never never happen with a proper bank! They would have sorted it.
Don’t want Revolut, sent the oney back to sender and close it. Finish it!
Very very bad service, never experience such a slow service in my life, one question every 5 days.”

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Much sympathy for you - I also have lost access to my account - nothing to do with me - same phone, same number - tried to revalidate it and it sends a code then asks again for verification and away we go around and around in circles. Did it nearly 8 times already and am fed up of with it. I will try to use the card and spend the small amount of money there then cancel/forget REVOLUT completely - it’s no use to me at all. They are USELESS !!.

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it’s cheap and cheerful , low cost , really good exchange rates but when things go wrong you wait for weeks in a row to get things sorted if not longer.
because they cannot afford a callcenter it would cost too much.