Negative balance

Hi, surprise today, my account is negative. A payment is accepted while account isn’t charged. How it work ? Haha could happend to me ? Thx

Hi there,

Even though “Allow your Revolut Account to have a negative balance” is listed by Revolut as “Restricted Activities” this is a known fact that thatch multiple users reported here in the community. It generally appends when a merchant charge a “verification” amount, then charge a second “real” amount (including tips or other extras) and then reverse the verification charge in the next few days.

If that’s the case your Revolut balance should be positive again in the next few days depending on the processing time.


Hi, I am also in negative balance, I discovered this last month and seems to relate to a hotel pre authorisation charge from over a year ago. It’s still sitting on my account as a negative. When will this clear?