Negative Balance for weird reason


Hello, today i got a mail that says i have 7 days to top up my account… a payment for 15 euro is accepted when in my account i had only 1,30 how is this possible?


Hi Are you sure who this mail from Revolut ?, on your account it’s the same problem ? sorry for my bad english


Yes the mail is from revolut and my account has this problem…that iwasnt understard is why i have negative balance


Premium membership?



Hi, its better To contact Revolut on Twitter or Facebook for this problem,


What was that payment for?

The premium membership is not 15 EUR, and other payments should not go through if the balance is not enough…


Delayed offline payments, payments where the settled amount is retroactively updated … there are a couple of scenarios where this could happen.


Hi there. Sounds like an offline payment. Just in case please block the card from the card section of the app and send me a direct message so that I can take a look at what’s going.