Need to make a large Euro payment from GBP


I upgraded my account to premium so I can make a large euro payment/FX. I reached out the online chat support on My Revolut APP and all I got was…your case is being handled by a dedicated team. I am not entirely sure I am even waiting in the correct queue at the moment. I definitely didn’t know I have to wait for days (the message is telling me to expect a reply with 96 hours and that was 2 days ago) before someone can even review my request of increasing topup limit. I didn’t know that I have to wait for such a long time, otherwise I wouldn’t upgrade to premium in the first place nor using Revolut as my payment methods. Is it normal to have transfer request to wait for reply within 96 hours?
If the demand is so high, shouldn’t Revolut point out the waiting time as warning when people are upgradimg their account to premium?


Hey @SeanSu :slight_smile:

The waiting time is not normal as in acceptable but it’s indeed normal as in common. These long waiting times however only seem to happen on the “id&verifications” departments, while all other departments are having queues varying from 1 minute to 12 hours in my experience :wink:

If you don’t find it acceptable, check your Premium cancellation options with :r:. However, once you’re verified, I’d give it a try :blush:


I Just think it’s fair to have a general info available for people considering the latest waiting times on Long wait. I have already waited for 2 days… So Still 2 days to go? I will definitely warn my friends about that…


The delays are already somewhat amusing for regular customers, but premium account owners definitely should not wait that long (and I do not have a premium account :smiley: )

Could you have a look at that @AndreasK?

@SeanSu a premium account might be useful for you if you want to exchange a large sum into a different currency, as there’d be a limit otherwise. Also dont forget to provide proper documentation where these funds originated from, otherwise the account might get temporarily blocked.


Hi SeanSu,

I’ve been waiting since 15 Mar to get a response so well over the 96hrs I’ve been told.



Are you are premium customer? Have you made it past the chatbot? But this is generally Sean’s issue, we should not mix (once again) things.


I am not. I wasn’t going to pay for a service until I saw it working, it hasn’t so far.

I have spoken to a human I think, then got passed on and nothing further.

I was not, I was adding my experience on the same topic of verification.


I’ve only made it to chat on app with a live agent and queueing since… Does that mean I have to wait another 96 after this stage? If the demand for this type of service is so high, perhaps Revolut should consider have more people working on it? This is definitely the longest customer services reply I’ve waited and I am already paying premium to be prioritised? :slight_smile: This is the third morning since I reached out…I was pretty satisfied with Revolut before but this has become quite frustrating to be honest.


Hi there. As I can see you haven’t provided the relevant documents.

Your annual top-up limit is based on your estimated annual income and/or generated wealth. Check below what documents you need to upload depending on your source of funds (please make sure that your name, dates, and all document information are clearly visible):

Salary: If your top-up was generated from your salary, you’ll need to send us copies of your payslips from the previous 3 months or P60/tax receipts.

Savings: In order to increase your limit based on your savings, we need to know how you earned the money that you put aside as saving. Please upload a bank statement showing the current balance of your savings account and relevant documents showing the source of your savings.

Sale of property: If you’ve sold a property and used the proceeds to top up your Revolut account, you’ll need to send us a copy of the sale agreement for the property; a bank statement showing the proceeds of the sale being credited to your bank account, and a statement showing the funds being transferred to your Revolut account (unless the funds are due to be deposited directly into your Revolut account).

Cryptocurrency: In order to increase your limit based on your cryptocurrency funds, we need to know how you earned the money that you invested in cryptocurrency. Please provide us with the relevant documents and statements showing your current cryptocurrency balance and any deposits/trades/withdrawals from the last 3 months.

Loan: If the source of your top-up is a loan - please upload a loan agreement document and a bank statement showing the received funds along with your current balance.

Self-employed income: If you are self-employed, please upload your latest tax return statement or invoices from the last 3 months corresponding to your desired limit.
Inheritance: If you have inherited wealth - please upload the inheritance will and a bank statement showing the received funds along with your current balance.


Hi @AndreasK, if you check my chat history you will see no one gave me the advice on that. I was told to wait only.


I will review your chat history. In the meantime could you please upload your source of funds?


@AndreasK thank you. I just uploaded the documents to Support in the chat. When can I know if anyone is picking up my case?


Let me have a look :slight_smile:


I waited for three days and the person who answered my question didn’t even wait for 30 mins…I now have to another 96hours…is there An chance to have a real person to at least make appointment to understand my situations?


back to 0 again… @AndreasK still require your help please…

Funds verification and English translations

Type “live agent” again.


Hmm. Let me have a look :slight_smile:


Yeah and they sent me back to another 96 hours wait


We have increased your limits. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Have a great day.


Andreas K