Need to get onto my original account

I lost my phone and was chatting to the support team. They changed my number on the account. When I typed in the new number on the new app it just made a whole new revolut account with no money it. Please help me to get onto my old account to be able to access my money! Please and thank you!

Hi you have to go on Twitter for this problem here it’s a community forum

Hi I don’t have twitter and have no idea how to use it lol

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Just tell them that via in-app chat. You can use Facebook too.

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yeah I am waiting apparently someone will be with me in 4 hours lol

I am afraid my old account has gone but they can hardly get rid of an account with money in it does anyone know? Really need to get into my account so afraid of this!

I’m sure your account, and the funds in it,are still there. You just need support help to get into it :smile: