Need to change phone number on account

Hi, can you please help me change my registered phone number without me having access to the previous one? Thanks!


I’ve had the application for a few days and I wanted to change my phone number with my sister’s so she could consult my account online. The problem is that my sister can’t consult the account online because she doesn’t have my face and I can’t install the application anymore. It doesn’t say that I already have an account so that I can consult my account online, thank you.

I have problem, i dont remember phone number wich i who’s registered.
I know it seems stupid but it happened.
I spent many days too restore it but I didn’t find any data.
Are the sum ways too restore my account?

Hello, I created an account with a phone number that I do not have access to anymore. I have now a new card but the account is still linked to the old number. How to I change the number on my account?
Thanks in advance

I’ve the same problem with changing phone number. I’ve no access to my old.
Pls help me asap.

Hello, I have same problem with phone number. I can´t change it to new because i don´t have access to old one.
Can you please help me
Thank you

Hi andreeas i changed my phone but i can’t login in my revolut app with my email address when they ask. When i writing the email address they telling me the email address it is in use

Hi. How do I change phone numbner for Revolut card

Hello I have the same problem.
I changed phone number and I don’t have access to my old one.

Can you help me please?

@FlorianC, try contacting :r: on social media:

Hi, I have the same problem with revolut account when I need to change my phone number and address after moving to another country. Could you please help me with that?

I have the same problem and I would be grateful if you could help me as well. Thank you in advance!

I have the same problem. I need to update my phone number since I have no access no more to the one I used to create the account years ago. Could you please help me?

Dear @AndreasK,

I’m facing similar issue that I changed to a new number (and lost my previous number long ago) and unable to get access to my account, is there a way that I can unlink my previous number and switch to a new number?