need to cancel a payment

How do you cancel a payment when noone replies from the in app chat?
Where can you see previous or pending payments with the details?


If it’s a mastercard payment the shop can reverse it, if it’s a transfer from revolut i wonder if it’s even possible or wanted to be possible? Imagine the complications that could arise?

Contacting the person / account holder that got the payment and ask them to send it back would have been a regular banks reply in this kind of matter i think.

i have heard there is a small window of time that Revolut can cancel the payment. There is just noone there to reply. It will be impossible to get the business I paid to do anything.
I can’t see any info about the payment anywhere either, although the account is showing less funds so something has happened.

Hi @drpop

I’ll mention some staff @jessicaszabla and @anon33247966

Hope this helps,

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sorry, what do i do with this info / staff names?

You don’t have any pending transactions.

Hi, when someone is mention with @username it tells them they are mentioned in the thread.


hi i need to cancel a payment to bitstamp i didnt add ref so because didnt no how to help be cancel my 9 pound


Sorry I cant help but I will say what happened to me.
When I thought I was making my first payment I actually didnt, It was just setting them up.
@anon33247966 and @jessicaszabla can you please let the dev team know that on my phone Note4 and others, but not all as far as I know ie friends iphone.
The reference button hides beneath / under / behind the pink send button. I need to scroll my page to reveal the reference box or else it can not be seen. The design needs to be better. Its confusing some people


Hi! We’re working on this as we speak. Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

@anon33247966 and @jessicaszabla. I made a payment on Revolut and it still shows as pending in the app. Is it possible to cancel it?