Need quick help with unlocking a card


Due to some some technical problems with the top-up on my account I am not able to order a Revolut card at the moment.
According to support it would be enough if I request 2€ from someone. (Proof:

Would be amazing if someone could message me and lend me those 2€, can give a little bit extra back aswell.
Otherwise I won’t be able to participate in the ongoing promotion.
Since this forum doesnt seem to have a message function contact me here:


I’m sorry but you need atleast 10€ to order the free card.


Well as you can see support wrote that I need an extra transfer of 2€.
I already have 10€ on my account but due to some technical problems I can’t order a card.
And they said they cant do it manually.


I’ve just helped my mother order one by transferring her exactly 10€ and same with my gf. Try logging out and in. If they charge you 6€ they will be able to refund it on Monday after @AndreasK will be online. :slight_smile:


Already tried that, sadly doesn’t work.
Thing is it’ll take another 3-4 days for the money from my bank acc to arrive so I can’t order a card in the promotion period.


Maybe you could try transferring the 10€ over to someone that he/she can send it back right after.
Edit:But wait haven’t you said you had 10€ on your rev acc? Why would you need 3-4days? :slight_smile:


Didn’t think of that yeah I just sent a friend of mine 10€.


Hopefully if they send it back it sould be working for you too!