need my money, cannot have the app



My phone got stolen. And the sim card in it.
As far as I understood, if I recover a new sim with the same number I should be able to keep going with my Revolut account as nothing had happen.

My problem is that I do not have another iPhone or Android 4.3 at the moment and I need to have access to my money on the Revolut account before I can afford to get such devices.

What should I do?

Any chance to get my money?
For example by bank transfert to the account with which I first topped up?



Hey @isabella :slight_smile:

Absolutely right :wink:

You should be able to find a solution with the support team on Twitter, they’re usually fast and helpful:


If you still have your Revolut card you could simply withdraw the money from an ATM.


and paying 700£ of February rent in cash?