Need Money $400 Loan Now

Hello there,
Here is the thing - problem is i’m short on money and need a little extra. Can you point me at some decent payday loan agency?

Hello @crazybassguitar !

I am sorry but Revolut for Business is not providing credits or loans at the moment. If you are already using Revolut personal, you may go to your app and check if you are eligible for credit.(Find it in “More” section of the app)

Hope it helps!


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Yeah, you better don’t go into loaning with crytpo, there are special agencies called payday loan agencies, that specializing in screwing you over as soon as you take their money. Only one worth working , that’s one i’m sure about, , but still don’t be greedy.

Only 1825% interest!!!
Please avoid pay day loans they are a viscous spiral.

The first thing that shocked me when arriving to the UK was to see companies actually advertising such loans on TV! and they seem pretty likely to break your legs if you don’t pay back on time. I’m really amazed they are considered legal. People accepting those loans are clearly not in position for this to considered a consensual agreement. It is plainly criminal abuse of power.

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