Need help withrawing money from Payoneer to Revolut


Hi guys. I’m new to Revolut. I just got paid by a client through Payoneer. I’ll soon look for an alternative because Payoneer’s fees are too high(3%), but until then I need to withdraw my money to Revolut. As I’ve never done this before, and because I need my money pretty soon and can’t have the payment be frozen, I want to make sure I’m doing it right.

In Revolut, I clicked on Top Up via Bank Transfer, and it showed me a Reference number, Beneficiary, IBAN, BIC, Bank, and Beneficiary address. The payoneer withdrawal form fields are Bank Name, Account Name, Account Number and Sort Code, so I’m not sure what to do. Can you help me, please? I attached a screenshot with the payonner form.


You need to activate your personal UK GBK account first. The app then shows you local UK bank account details that match the UK standard.


I thought personal UK bank accounts in Revolut were only for UK citizens? Are they not? How do I go about activating one?

It already shows me local UK bank account details, the ones I mention in my post, but they’re not in mine name, but in Revolut Ltd’s name. Is that what you’re talking about?


Is your ID fully verified?

I was able to get a local UK account without being UK resident. I have no idea why it shouldn’t work for you as well. :thinking:


Yes, my id is verified. I’ve also received my premium card in the mail.


Ok, I see the option now. I can get get an account in both Pounds and Euros.


I activated both a GBP account and a Euro account. So now the account is in my name and I have a personal IBAN/account number, but payonner still asks for a bank name, and revolut isn’t in the list because they’re not a real bank, they work through other banks. A UK bank in the UK and a Lithuanian bank in the EU, but I don’t know which in the EU.

Are there Revolut customer support reps here? Surely someone has had this problem before.


Hey @AndreiC :slight_smile:

You can reach a :r: agent through the app itself, clicking Support in the More tab, then going to the live chat and typing live agent :wink:


When it comes to the Payoneer Fees, I think they are pretty good. You will be charged $2 or $5 for immediate fund loading.

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