Need help!! pin empty?


Hi if someone could contact me asap it would be much appreciated.

I cannot log in to the revolut app. The first issue rose when my boyfriends phone broke. He then tried to log in to his account on my phone. As I am in colombia the message with the security code does not arrive within the ten minutes required before it expires. Therefore he cannot log on to his account

I have since tried to log on to my revolut on my phone and when it asks me to enter my pin it states ´pin empty´?

We have since lost my boyfriends revolut and would like to transfer the remainder of his account to my card which i will hopefully be able to use in the near future, upon your response.

We are not back in the UK until September


Have you had help with this?
@revolut @AndreasK


Hello @sophiekazemi

Could you please send me a direct message so we can get in touch?


Andreas K.


Hi as a first time user im not sure if i am sending you a direct message right now. If I am not please explain how I can.


Furthermore the issue remains that we both cant log in to our revolut accounts. We have found my boyfriends card so just need assistance getting re set up. The revolut code we need to log in is not receivedwithin the ten minutes required to activate the account. Thanks, Sophie


@sophiekazemi I will get in touch with you.