Need help increasing my topup limit (Rita stopped talking to me lol)


Hi I hope someone on here can help. My year limit is set to £4000 but I need to increase that as I have a large amount of money coming in but I don’t see anywhere where I can do this myself. I’m on android app. I tried talking to Rita but seems like shes had enough of me and stopped replying even after I typed “Live Agent”.

Thank you @AndreasK


Hi there.

Thank you for contacting us.

I’ve forwarded your chat to our compliance team and a member of the team will get back to you shortly.


Thanks @AndreasK. Literally someone got into contact with me within 5min and sorted it out for me. Thanks alot Revolut + Team


I have had no such response.
Can you please get one of the compliance team to contact me also?


Sure. Let me escalate your case.


@AndreasK I’ve hit my transfer limit and stuck on pending again. Please could you get someone to cancel my pending transfer and I will transfer smaller chunks every 96hrs.



Thanks to @AndreasK all my queries are answered. This thread can be closed :blush: