Need basic infos

Hi, I have just signed in a :r: account, got the apps on the mobile, and now I would like to get a card. But…there is nothing on the web on the type of card: it is a debit or a credit card? Or it is possible to get both?
I need :r: mainly for travelling, so I would like to get cash at ATMs (and I read that there is a very low monthly limit on this), and for this I think I would get a debit card. But then, since the ATM limit is so low, I will need a credit card too.
Where could I get info on these topics? I could find nothing on the web, and the “chat” claims it take 2 hours to get back to you :frowning:

This is neither credit nor debit card. It is prepaid card.

Here you have the most answers :slight_smile:

e.g. withdrawal limits:

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The monthly ‘limit’ is in fact the amount you can withdraw without an additional charge and is £200 for the basic card. Sums above this per rolling month have a 2% fee added. Bear in mind that the ATM operator may or may not charge a fee also(as in the UK)

Thank you both for your answers. Now I know that :r: card is a prepaid one, that sounds to me like a debit…but I fear that it could have more limitations on it. Again, it does not give good feelings to users that this info is not clearly stated in the :r: web.