Need assistance changing phone number. Can't login app as wants to send code to my old number.

Hi @AndreasK

You seem to be the one to go to! I recently changed my phone, and phone number and have lost access to my Revolut account. I have tried to log in with the old number, which I no longer have access to but it won’t let me. I also cannot get any verification codes to log into the online app for support. What is the best way around this?

Thank you


I am having the same issue - I would love to get your assistance please?

Thank you in advance,

I have the same problem
Please assist.

Hi @AndreasK ,

I am having the same problem, I do not have access to my old phone number and I would like to register with a new phone number.

Can you please send me first a message?
I do not know how to send you a private message…

Thank you!



I no longer have the phone number I used to set up the account with. How can I change it?

It wants to text me a verification code that I cannot receive.

I don’t think I am allowed to direct message because I joined the community recently to resolve this. The chatbot is not responding because of high volumes…

Help would be greatly appreciated!

same issue here, please help

I have a similar issue, moving from the country were I opened my account and now I lost my phone number. Could you help me please ?

I am having the same problem, dont have access to my old phone, keep going round in circles with the app. I am trying to log on and also I am not getting any emails telling me my verification code also,
Please help @AndreasK

Hi good dafternoon, I have same problem I have lost my phone and I changed also my phone number but I can not access my revolut app as I also forgot the Passcode please advice

Hi, please can you advice on how I can gain access to my revolut account? I have changed phone and number, thanks.