Need assistance changing phone number. Can't login app as wants to send code to my old number.


Hi @AndreasK ,

As above. I logged out of the app early this morning and then it asked me for my number but that was my old one which I don’t have access to anymore. I managed to get through to support and the agent informed that he updated my new number now, but when I go to login it doesn’t accept the country code of the country I am currently in. So now can’t get back to support in the app. So if I can have some assistance changing it to UK number instead please I’ll have to do it that way.




Hi Alex.

Nothing to worry about. Could you please send me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account?


Hi @AndreasK

I am writing because I have a similar issue.
I am unable to log into the app because I do not have access to the old number.
On top of that when I tried to change the number it says that the new number is already being used (however, I never used it to create an account).

So now I have a second ghost account with a new number, but my money is on the account with the old number. Could you please help me resolve this issue? Many thanks in advance!



Please feel free to send me a direct message!


Hi alex. I am in the same situation. How can i send you a direct message?




Hi Kosru. Please check your inbox.