Need advice for when I travel to America


So I’ve only heard of the application a few days ago and very impressed with the idea behind it. However I need to know a few things. So I’m travelling to USA with my girlfriend for 3 weeks and heard about Revolut. I thought this is a great idea to use the app while away. So we were planning to exchange our money to USD account within the app as the exchange rate is good, My questions are…

Has anyone experienced any flaws using the physical card in the USA? (We’re the card didn’t work lifting either in a shop, restaurant etc. Or any fees that shouldn’t have appeared) and how you resolved the issue

Did you have any problems lifiting a ATM as I’m aware with premium you get €400 worth of fee free lifts from ATM per month. (Any fees during this period) or other problems.

And read something about shops may ask me about converting into my own currency (GBP) . What would I do in this scenario.

And other problems you faced with the card.

Any help with any of my questions would be a massive help. This app sounds like a great idea just not to sure how reliable it would be for 3 weeks usage.

Thank you!



i have been in the US last week. My revolut card worked good. Accepted every where i tried, even during my fligth at 30000 feets hight to buy an extra drink.

A little trick to avoid the withdraw limit, in the US you can ask for cash at the cashier while you are paying your grocery. Like your bill is 50$, u can ask for another 50$ in cash and they ll bill your card of 100$ ( the cash you got plus your grocery bill), it s a trick american use to avoid ATM fees.
have a nice trip