Do you find it easy to navigate through categories and find what you are looking for? If your answer is no, please let us know where you are finding it challenging.

I have no idea how to create a post, I only seem to be able to reply to existing posts :weary:. How can I create a new post?

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Hey there :wave:

You will need to build up your trust level on the community and become more active. Once you do so, your trust level should increase and allow you to create a post :ok_hand:

Most people come to this community seeking for help and not being able to post is really frustrating


Can this info be a bit more explicit to new users? There’s a message from discobot that hints at this, but it’s not clear at all.
Specifically, it would be good to let new users know what they need to do in order to get permissions/access to post.

I’ve come here seeking help (I can’t log into my account) since there’s no way for me to reach the in-app support chat.

I also came here for help as I have only used my card once on Amazon and its now been cancelled as a fraudulent transaction has since occurred.
Now I need to get a replacement card for £5!

Same here, and in addition to that it looks like Revolut app even does not allow me to create a “new chat” ticket. Simply said, Revolut locked me out. And I am a Premium client !

No I’m mikey11 and trying to post a question

I have no idea how to post it n here so I’m replying to this post.

I’ve just been on to Help and they asked me to update my app. Having done so, the app has crashed; I cannot access Help, I cannot get back to my previous conversation, I cannot see my transactions, and I cannot see my chats. How frustrating!

I feel for you. get onto Revolut support using their twitter feed, best bet I reckon.

Thanks. I’ll try that :triumph:

Not being able to create a post when a new users joins is very fustraing. the bot did not explain that very well. So I have spent two days clicking back and forth trying to figure this out getting extremly fustrated. I tried the FAQ’s. A better explaination on how it works would help.

However the reason for coming on the community is usually because one would like to raise a concern or provide feedback, so not being able to do that upon joining is off putting