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HI, I know that Namibian dollar is not available, but SA Rand is. So do you know if I transfer from USD to Rand, I would be able to use it Namibia without exchange? Namibian dollar and SA Rand are 1:1 use in Namibia.



Exactly the same question. Maybe Nambian ATMs at least have an option to withdraw in ZAR ?

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I’d also like to know about this and linked currencies in general.

Fyi theres an atm at the airport that only has ZAR notes but probably valued as NAD, all others are only NAD in my experience. As ABSA and Standard Bank charge for revolut withdrawals in SA probably better to try Nedbank and FNB in Namibia…

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I would also like to know this!



Hi. You can use almost any currency (except for some like North Korean currency or the Zimbabwean dollar).

For example, Revolut doesn’t let you store Mauritian Rupees, but if you have any other currency it’ll pull it from that currency and convert it at that time. So my card had USD and whenever I used it in Mauritius it worked fine.

It should work in Namibia.



Hi all,
so after my experience. I have uploaded revolut with my local currency (PLN) and also bought USD through the revolut exchange functionality. During entire journey, I paid often with revolut (only once it was not accepted, but it was a general connection issue) and it exchanged into namibian from PLN. The FX was really good. I did not have any need to make a cash withdrawal but I do not suspect that the FX is any different (took some cash and exchanged it at the airport - look for the point without commission, and the FX was really good).



Ok, thanks for sharing your experience! I’m still wondering if you could exchange into ZAR beforehand and spend the ZAR in your account while in Namibia, but I guess no one knows.



Hi. Just to update - I’ve been using Revolut all the time in Namibia. It charges in ZAR almost 1:1, sometimes theres a slight difference of a couple of percent. I haven’t been charged fees for ATM withdrawals, which I have in South Africa with the exception of Standard Bank. So all good here.

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