name on card/pp


does it problem if the name on the card different are on paypal?

USD from revolut account to UK PayPal account

It think it’s shouldn’t be a problem, as long it is verified with 4 digits PP code!


@michel223 Have you verified this card?


yes i have verified this card


Salut Michel,
Do you use your Revolut card which has a different name than your PayPal account on eBay?


I would also like to know if my name on Revolut card will make issues for use having different name and address on Paypal ?

Reason why, my friend uses Paypal with Mastercard, which doesnt let him withdraw funds, but since I have Revolut with Visa, which allows withdrawals, I was thinking maybe I could “lend” him my Revolut VCC.

Does that pose an issue for Revolut or Paypal ? Ive messaged Paypal also and Im waiting for their response.