N26 Debit MasterCard Not Accepted as Top Up

@bsalita, that’s a good news. I will give it another try with N26 basic card once I received my Revolut card.

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Hey @bsalita, yes, the transparent Mastercard Debit uses the same exchange rates as the black. Exception: foreign currency ATM withdrawals. There is a 1.7 % fee with the transparent card.

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as of today I can not Top Up using my N26 Debit MC. I have last used it for Top Up on friday 13th of April. I have tried to delete the card and adding it again but without any luck. I have also tried to clear cache and data of Revolut app on my phone, uninstalling the app and also installing the previous version (4.15.2) all without any success.

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Same problem as @vajenc today, I used to top up my Revolut account with my french N26 card for months and now the card is not accepted anymore. What the heck? It’s very inconvenient.

Started having the same problem today. Was able to topup few days ago with my European N26 card.

What’s the error messages?

“Sorry your top up card isn’t supported. Can you try a bank transfer instead?”


Yesterday when I tried to top up using my N26 MC I got the same message as rksn, since then I have removed the N26 MC and tried adding it again, but am greeted with an error message " This card type is not supported" and can not click on Continue button when I put in all the info required to add a new Top up card.

Hi guys,

I am having the same problem with N26: I was able to top-up till the 9th of April, but I tried again today and I am getting the same error message.

I certainly could top-up using a bank transfer, but if there is the chance to fix the problem it would be better


@AndreasK Same here, could top up no problem until Apr 16, then started getting weird error message…

Tried requesting help in chat, but your customer service rep was quite unhelpful, saying that they could not talk about due to company secrecy. The answer was a stock cut paste reply without really caring about customers…

All in all, a baffling error and a no satisfactory reply from customer service

Andrea G. Vitali

The statement with all cards is wrong I just top-up my revolut account with 10€ via my N26 MasterCard

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Are you sure @zafai? It seems the problem is real and is affecting most users, as admitted by Revolut themselves. This is a screenshot from 5 min ago…

@AndreasK any updates on this?

It was working fine 3 days ago and now I get the same error as you…
I’m using a French N26 account. The Revolut support tells me that N26 is not supported currently (what does it mean ? it was working fine for years !) and that they are working on solving this soon (lol).

Yeah im sure.
I used my N26 Mastercard from N26 Germany.

Hi there. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience caused. Our team is working hard for a fix and you should be able top top-up with your N26 card again soon.

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Hi, JessicaZ. Past Abril 3th I could do it with my N26. Yesterday, I couldn’t. Neither I could do it with an other Mastercard Debit. I think it’s a bug in a new app’s version, now we cann’t add money in our Revolut account with Mastercard Debit Card, I don’t try with other Debit Card (Visa). Do someone else try with a Visa Debit Card?
Thanks a lot.

What is the ETA and what is the reason ? Care to explain a bit since the person I got in the chat didn’t have real and precise information ?

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With the new version, downloaded from Android Market, the problem is solved. I could add my N26 Mastercard Debit Card. Thanks.

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Same here, with the latest version of the app, I was able to add N26 MC.

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