N26 Debit MasterCard Not Accepted as Top Up

When I try to add a N26 debit MasterCard as a top up card, Revolut immediately rejects it “… sorry your top up card isn’t supported.” So much for N26’s claim “This card is accepted everywhere a MasterCard is accepted [unless it’s Revolut or Curve].”

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Hello @bsalita,

Sorry for our delayed response. Could you please send me a direct message so we can take a closer look into it?


Andreas K.

Hello @anon33247966,

I have encountered the same issue. I just got my Revolut account and I couldn’t top up with N26 card. Isn’t is a debit card?

@bsalita Did you manage to top up your account with N26 card since your last post?

Have a good one.

No, I’m still unable to top up with N26 and several other cards. I sent @anon33247966 the card’s INN number (first six digits). I’m guessing Revolut app has a white list of INNs and N26 isn’t one of them.

What a shame. I hope things got sorted out and we can top up Revolut account with N26 debit card.


Apologies for my delayed response. N26 cards issued in the USA, and we currently don’t support cards issued in US or Australia.

Thanks @anon33247966 for the response. How about the debit card issued in France ?

This seems to be a bit odd. N26 is a German bank based in Berlin. Why would they issue their debit cards in the USA? They do not even support clients from the US yet. Just several European countries. Are you sure this is the case @anon33247966? I opened a N26 bank account recently, just to be able to top up with their debit card and to avoid the sluggish bank transfer top ups of Revolut.

Hi @Jona, it sounds odd as you mentioned, it should, I will definitely contact N26 for confirmation.

Cards issued in France are fine.

You can check the BIN numbers of your card here: http://bit.ly/2hukXkK

Seems N26 issuing some of its cards in the US.

Thanks @anon33247966
Have a good one.

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I’m the OP. This is very confusing. I’ve verified that bin check sites say my N26 BIN (535590) is US. Is it possible online databases are out of date?

Is it possible my N26 BIN is different than other N26 cards? I’m a residence of France. N26 couldn’t validate my residency card (unlike Revolut) but was happy to take my US passport and US driver’s license and mail the card to France. Perhaps N26 gave me a US BIN because I validated identity using US identity cards?

So other N26 card holders, what is your BIN (first six digits of card)? Does everyone get 535590 cards? If so, this would suggest databases are out of date.

I also checked my N26 card. His number is 535584 and he’s also “delivered” in United States. I precise that I have’nt american ID or american drive licence. I have only french ID.

I’ve tried my Curve Card and he’s australian… I love the globallization ! :stuck_out_tongue:

@bsalita I’m a french citizen, I validated my identity with my french ID/passport and I got a card issued in the US as well (the BIN is 535584).

It didn’t seem correct that a German Bank would issue US cards. I used my status as a MasterCard developer to ping MasterCard developer support to ask them about N26 BINs. Here’s their response:

BINs [535584 and 535590] are not currently issued in the US but you should not be doing lookups by BIN6. You need to be looking at an account range level.”

MasterCard offered to talk directly with Revolut. I’m passing on the contact info to @anon33247966. Perhaps this will result in N26 being accepted by Revolut.

That would be awesome.

Hello Guys,

im really new customer of Revolut. I also tryed to top-up my account by N26 and it works without any fees.

Please check are you customer of N26 partnerbank Wirecard or are you already customer from N26 Bank GmbH because they got now there own Bank Licence.

My Card startes with 535585

Kind Regards

Hello @zafai I don’t know how it’s possible for some N26 clients to top up their Revolut account with N26 card. I couldn’t manage to do it. It doesn’t make any sense.

A BIN lookup shows 535585 is N26 Bank of Germany. Your card is working because the BIN database lists it as Germany, not USA. The rest of us have a different BIN listed as USA.

Did you already switch your N26 account from Wirecard to N26 Bank?