My trip cost split


Hi there

Many of us using this card while having trips with together with their friends. In group of my friends many of them have Revolut card as well. On a trip there’s always coming up some payments you can split straight away and one has to pay it for others too. At the moment I’m using travel money app to track my expenses. I’ve used Splitwise too. Both are good apps and do their job well, but what I’m thinking that it would be way easier to do it directly on my Revolut app. In case, I’m traveling with my friends I’d like to set up “my trip” for example under “More” button where can I add my friend names (phone number/emails) who are with me on that trip. Add trip starting and end date and all of my payments between those dates goes directly “in my trip” e g “Argentina trip” there I can see every payment I’ve made and if needed to split it with others. Also, there should be opportunity to add payments in cash etc. The main value of it that when my friends are making payments on that trip (who are accepted on their app that) can also add their costs about that trip. Due to all the payments are already easily visible under statistic page, it would be really easy to tap on payment and have an option “split/share” and then tap the person whom you’re going to split it. The ones who doesn’t have Revolut app for them there should be optioned to send summary on an email. So everyone can do their payments who owes something to someone on a most efficient way.

Anyway if you have tried those apps I mentioned before you get the point what I’m talking. It’s going to be a just cool and useful feature that actually doesn’t need so much development because there are many working examples already and it works on pure math. And it would be easy to advertise the Revolut for others as well, especially the ones who doesn’t have it yet.

What others think about that idea?

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Hey there, thank you for reaching out with this! I’ll pass it on to the team.