My trading has been pending for 40 minutes and I lost 120 euro. Revolut says that does not compensate. Goodbye Revolut! Never again with you!

I just executed a trading operation and it has been stuck ever since. I can´t cancel it and I can´t cash in. Meanwhile the price of the stock changed. After 40 minutes it was executed at the current place and I lost 120 Euro. I will leave Revolut if I receive no compensation.

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Was it at Market price? if it is one of those “hot” stocks… it might be natural

yes it was market price

what do you mean by natural?

I’m having the same issue put in my order almost 30 minutes ago and can’t even cancel it. This is making me reconsider ever using Revolut.

Hey there.

If you are having issues with trading, please be sure to head on over to the in-app chat. :pray:

One of our support agents will be more than happy to look into it :rocket:

On the top left hand side of your app, once logged in, you will see a circle with your initials or image, select that. Then on the top right hand side, select “?” and then scroll down and you should be able to find the chat option. Once in chat be sure to explain your issue and then send a message, “live agent” to skip past the in-app chat bot, Rita :robot:

Revolut Team

Should I lose 1 only cent I will send my Revolut account to the grave

If my order gets executed will it be with an old price or current price??

did it already… 1 Hour of wait… does it look like critical enough to you ?

that is my exact question…

I started a chat before posting here and still no contact.

My transaction was just executed after nearly 40 minutes and it was done at the current price… therefore I lost 120 euro… thank you Revolut ! very professional!

I just tried and the order is still pending, but if you see in the STATUS page, they DO have an issue reported

thanks for the link, I didn´t know about this page. But still, this is utterly unacceptable for a trading service. I lost money and I am losing time. Either I get a compensation or I leave the platform.

what is most frustrating is that we have these “”“Team Revolut”"" guys here in the forum that are just doing a copy and paste of a formal answer in the topic, just to get their score up, and the they disappear… thanks a lot for your service!

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At 15:47 today I executed a MAX SELL operation at the market price of MRNA. The equity value at that time was 2327,59 however the operation was executed at 16:20 with equity value 2218,47. I demand full compensation of the loss that your service caused to my investment, that is 109,12 euro.

After 6 hours of waiting, I got the following answer:

In sorry for the trouble, it is due to the issues we had earlier on Trading feature. I just wanted to let you know that we have managed to resolve the issue affecting Trading’s functionalities. You should now be able to trade without any further issues. If you have any pending trades we can assure you that they will be executed soon. Additionally, please remember that the prices displayed in the app are only illustrative prices. Therefore, the applied price may differ from that displayed one at the time of reviewing the order. Thank you so much for your patience and sorry for the trouble!

We would like to remind you that in order to avail of any service or customer support from Revolut Trading Limited you can only trade with us at your own initiative, on the basis of an ongoing relationship, and that you are aware that the trading service is not provided by an investment entity authorised in the EU which means that you do not have the benefit of any EU regulatory protections or investor compensation schemes.

So, this how Revolut is defining itself: we do mistake, we just say sorry and we do not compensate you. You know why? Because we are out of EU regulations. So bye bye money. And btw, prices are just illustrative! So if you do your operation now we can review it anytime in the future! Even 1 hour! Isn’t that fun?

And… This is how I left Revolut.!

I feel you, same here, pending trade lost money.
I like how they say to talk about this in their chat, but the service there is abysmal. Just standard responses. Live Agents are just copy pasting standard responses and apologizing for delays.
So yeah, if you have anything more than a few hundred dollars, use something else for trading, I know I will.

Thanks for your reply @dragosi Where are you heading to? I am looking for suggestions.

Yes I lost over 500 USD over the delay betweeen hitting sell and processing the trade> put in a formal complaint

Hi there,

Is Stock Trading not available Jersey Channel Islands? I can’t find the stock section in the app.
I know that United kingdom has stock trading in Revolut App.