My topped-up has gone!


I was new to Revolut, and created my account and topped up with 10 pounds last month on 8Nov. But when I just launched the Revolut app a few mins ago, it prompted me to create an account. So I used the same telephone and email to get logged in. I found that my 10 pounds were gone! And I received a same Welcome email as I got last month. I think it’s a serious bug! Please fix the problem as soon as possible.


Hey @angusyyl :slight_smile:

Are you 100% positive it’s the exact same phone number? If so, reach :r:'s support team from the More tab of the app, clicking Support :wink:


Thanks for the reply. And yes I am 100% sure coz that’s my new phone number in UK last month. And I had raised the issue to the “Support” but so far no response yet…


Check the balance of you original bank account. Probably topup failed. If not-contact support. (You can try via FB or Twitter too)