My Top up Debit cards showing as Credit Cards

With Revolut soon banning credit card top ups I’ve been checking my debit cards and 3 of them are showing up as credit cards within Revolut app, including my HSBC debit card and my Curve card.

Also bizarrely sometimes they show up as credit cards and occasionally as debit cards. Customer support is useless here. They refer me to the ‘team’ who insist on having a letter on headed notepaper from my bank confirming that my card is a debit card. They won’t accept anything less, not even accepting screenshots of my secure messages with my mobile app confirming my cards are debit cards. My banks are nonplussed, pointing out that there are BIN checking databases etc which Revolut refuse to use.

I’m thinking that this is a strategy by Revolut to make it as difficult as possible to top up using a card. I’d have a lot more respect if Revolut were upfront here instead of all these shenanigans.

Funny thing that my main bank (in Latvia) issues Credit cards, but market them as Debit cards. But of course in revolut app they are treated as Credit.

@Doppjunat Where did you get info about “banning soon credit top-ups”. Is it UK thing?

Maybe it is a U.K. thing. Email from Revolut:


After 8 July, you won’t be able to add money to your account using a credit card.

We’ll continue to accept debit cards, as well as all the other methods you can already use today.

Why is this happening?

We take our responsibility to protect customers very seriously, and putting this change in place will help to prevent funds from credit cards being misused, or in ways which would be prohibited by your credit card provider.”

Found it in FAQ too …

It seems this is only relevant in specific regions. The linked FAQ post is for the UK. I wasn’t able to find it for EEA countries.

Hy. My top up card is a debt card but tell me it’s a credit card .
Won’t auto top up.
Any advise please

Hi. I had a similar problem. Auto top up failed because Revolut changed my top up method from debit card to “Easy bank transfer”. You should be able to reverse this by clicking “+ Add money”>“Change” then scroll down and select “Credit/debit card”. You should just need to re-enter your card details. You may also need to enter a verification code sent to your phone by your main bank. I am using Revolut Ltd App version 8.60.1 and have a UK Revolut VISA card

I am having the same issue topping up from a DanskeBank debit card, no longer accepted by Revolut.
I have checked with DanskeBank and my debit card is a debit card and not a credit card, deemed by Revolut!

What is is the issue here and why are Revolut not leading the way to help us?