My savings accounts have disappeared

My savings accounts have disappeared. They are not showing in my main account either. I have tried the mobile app and the Revolut website.
What is happening ?


Hi @smarlin :wave:

You can find your Savings Accounts by tapping the account selector below your balance on your homepage and scrolling to the ‘Savings’ section.

If you are still unable to see them, you could check the below:

  • Make sure you have stable internet/network connection
  • Update to the latest Revolut app version
  • Update your phone’s operating system
  • Check the Revolut Status Page for outages or planned maintenance

Hope this helps :pray:

Mariana Rodrigues I Community Manager


Thanks. I Reinstalled the non-beta version and all is ok now.


Great to hear @smarlin :heart:

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Have the nicest day!

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