My Revolut Trading Channel 👨‍💼

Hello Again Guys!

I am using Revolut to trade and i made a little video about Dividend investing.

I would love to get your opinion on this.
ps. I know its really low quality but come on its my first video, I will try hard to stop the eemm’s and speak clear for the next ones.


Did Disney paid you? I’m waiting a dividend from dis since 16/01.

Personally, my goal is to get only the dividends and not to lock the whole capital quarterly.

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Hey, No i did not receive any payment from Disney since i bought the stock after the EX dividend date, if you did not hold Disney on 2019-12-13 you are not eligible for the dividend payout.

Episode 2 is up guys!

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Thanks for sharing, I’m gonna follow your tips and I’ll update here with any results!

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I am so excited guys! My first youtube video got ranked among the first 5 videos when you search “trading app” so happy! thank you guys and :r:


New video guys! Feel free to show some love! :r: :rocket: