My Revolut Trading Channel 👨‍💼

Hello Again Guys!

I am using Revolut to trade and i made a little video about Dividend investing.

I would love to get your opinion on this.
ps. I know its really low quality but come on its my first video, I will try hard to stop the eemm’s and speak clear for the next ones.


Did Disney paid you? I’m waiting a dividend from dis since 16/01.

Personally, my goal is to get only the dividends and not to lock the whole capital quarterly.

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Hey, No i did not receive any payment from Disney since i bought the stock after the EX dividend date, if you did not hold Disney on 2019-12-13 you are not eligible for the dividend payout.

Episode 2 is up guys!

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Thanks for sharing, I’m gonna follow your tips and I’ll update here with any results!

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I am so excited guys! My first youtube video got ranked among the first 5 videos when you search “trading app” so happy! thank you guys and :r:


New video guys! Feel free to show some love! :r: :rocket:

New video out guys!

New video out guys,
This time about the market deep that we are facing due to the news regarding the corona virus!

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Hi, can I ask where do dividends go? Which account? I’ve had alerts that say dividends received, but never see where they have gone to. They don’t seem to be in my trading account cash or my main accounts. Thanks.

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