My revolut has been blocked.


Hello, for the past 3 days i am not be able to use my revolut card because it has been blocked. i wrote to facebook revolut support, to twitter, in-app support, everyone just ignored me and i cant use my main credit card for 3 days. Please somebody help me im tired to search for answer without getting any response???


If just the card is blocked (and not the account), you can unblock it by yourself from within the app.


Its the whole account is blocked. I cant do anything instead of writing to support, but apparantly no one want to listen to me :smiley:


Yes, for blocked accounts you need to wait for support.


Well, what would you do when your main credit card has been blocked for 3 days, i’ve put here all my moneys for my living, and i don’t even know for how long should i wait?




I’m in the same situation since March 2.

@AndreasK transformed my topic in a personal message to himself.

I hope that means he’s trying to solve the issue faster than regular support. Maybe he can do the same for you.


Thanks guys for your replies, I’ll ask @AndreasK to sort out this problem.


I’m sorry to hear that but you shouldn’t use this as your main card let alone keep your whole money in one place.


Your account is under review and we will provide you with further details as soon as the review is finished. Unfortunately, we cannot estimate the time. Thank you for your understanding.